NFC based Attendance and Loyalty Solution

This project involves a unique NFC based attendance cum loyalty program. One of our government clients runs Sports/Cultural center for boys and girls. They wanted to deploy loyalty program for them. They were looking to track member attendance as well as rewarding members based on their attendance. The main idea behind such solution was to encourage members to attend more sessions and win exciting rewards based on their loyalty solution.

We have created an end to end solution using NFC technology, web application and Android application. In this solution members are given NFC loyalty card which they tap on NFC Tablets installed at various centers for collecting reward points based on their attendance. All NFC tablets are running Admin application to read NFC loyalty cards and communicate with backend web application for attendance and reward points. Client is able to see attendance and loyalty data of all branches from single place using backend web application.

We have also developed Mobile application for members to check their reward points or use their NFC enabled Smartphones as loyalty card instead of using physical NFC card. We have used Host Control Emulation mode of NFC technology for making NFC enabled Smartphones to act as loyalty card.

We have enhanced Member Mobile application to support Bluetooth low energy (BLE). With BLE support, Members will get instant notification on visiting centers from BLE devices installed in centers.