NFC Prepaid Cashless Solution

Tap and Pay Cashless solution for Events/Fairs

Our NFC based prepaid cashless solution allows smooth cashless transaction using NFC technology. This solution is developed ideally for situation where handling hard cash is difficult due to large number of visitors such as Events, Fairs, Canteen etc.

Our solution uses any NFC enabled Smartphone to act as POS device using our POS application. Visitors will get NFC enabled Cards/Wristbands with cash loaded into them. Now with just single tap visitors can pay for items without need of involving cash at cashier side. This involves faster checkout and quick service to large number of visitors in short span of time removing unnecessary handling of hard cash and managing change. Our POS app can also work with Non-NFC enabled Smartphones or iOS devices by using external NFC accessories such NFC USB reader, NFC Bluetooth reader or NFC earjack reader.

Our solution also works in offline scenarios which is critical especially for Events, Fairs where network connectivity is not ubiquitous. Our solution also supports high level of security to make NFC Chip data secure by using 3DES or AES cryptography methods. All POS applications communicate with backend web portal which tracks every single transaction and management of complete solution. Offline POS devices can synchronize all transactions data post event when they are moved to network connectivity places.

The Smartphone POS terminals are connected to back-end web servers that capture each transaction information from POS devices. Our solution also works in offline mode thus transaction can be done without need of active internet connectivity always.

Advantages of NFC Prepaid Cashless Solution
  • Convenient

    Use of any Smartphone with native NFC or External NFC accessories

  • Efficient

    Sellers can effectively serve a lot of visitos at events without wasting time/efforts on handling cash specially changes.

  • Secure

    Highly secured mechanism using encryption methods such as AED and 3DES

  • Fast

    Visitors can pay by just single tap thus reducing time for entire purchase cycle