Membership Loyalty Solution

Membership Loyalty Solution

Proximity Technology based membership and Loyalty Program

Our membership and loyalty solution allows any Clubs, Sports Center, Gym etc. to manage their membership data and run loyalty program using same platform. Our loyalty program uses unique concept of member attendance to reward loyalty points to members.

Our solution has backend web management portal to manage all membership and loyalty related features. Members will receive NFC enabled membership card for loyalty program. Or optionally they can download member application which will act as membership card. They can use inbuilt NFC functionality of Smartphone or QR code scanner. We also support loyalty program based on Bluetooth Low energy where points will be distributed based on attendance at particular location on detection of iBeacons/Eddystone beacons.


Major features:

  • Membership database management
  • Membership expiration and payment management
  • Loyalty Reward points management
  • Reward point redeem management
  • NFC/QR Code/BLE based loyalty program
  • Member Attendance tracking
  • To promote upcoming events/programs among Members as well as non-members
  • Member Mobile Application
  • Sending Push notifications to Member mobile application
  • Use of Bluetooth Low energy, Geofence for sending notifications
  • Any many more