NFC based Event Attendance Tracking Solution with Seating arrangement

One of our client was organizing an event where they wanted to show welcome message to Guests and their seating information when they enter in the event venue.

We provided them encoded NFC tags for each Guest which was embedded in their invitation card. We installed NFC reader attached to big TV screen at Event venue entrance. NFC reader was running our application to show Guest name and Seating information from backend web server. Client had access to backend web portal for administrative purpose. Now whenever Guest entered the venue they tapped their invitation card on NFC reader to check their seats and see personalized welcome message.

Our solution helped client to even change seating at last moment and still able to inform Guests about their seating arrangement at entrance. For Guests, it was new and unique experience having a wow effect. Our solution helped client to track attendance post event.

Thus such effective use of our solution and NFC technology can help event organizers, advertising agencies to create a unique experience for their Guests.