About Us

Nearyou Technology & Solutions is a holistic NFC/RFID products distributor and Proximity Technology solutions (NFC. QR Codes, BLE) provider based in India whose market focus is India and UAE.

Nearyou believes in innovation and serving best to its customer. We help you understand NFC technology and how to play with it. We want this technology to be portable, consumable, and everyone will get benefit from NFC technology. We shape our companies to our customers' needs, we learn more about the market and this helps us give our future customers better and more effective products and solutions. 

We deliver a good range of NFC/RFID tags and Cards, End to End solutions based on Proximity Technologies such as NFC. QR Codes and BLE in UAE & Indian market. We serve our customers with best interest in giving them quality and hope to be market leader of Proximity Technology solutions in coming years.

Want to know more? Contact us to get your NFC/QR/BLE project started or on facebook or twitter.